Vancouver School Board Supports Fraser’s Motion to Expand Childcare at VSB Sites

Vancouver, B.C.  At its meeting tonight, the Vancouver School Board (VSB) voted unanimously in support of Green Trustee Janet Fraser’s motion to expand childcare across VSB sites.

Childcare is essential to many families in Vancouver, for both babies and toddlers (aged 0-4 years) and for before and after school, to enable parents and guardians to work or undertake education and training. 

“Not having enough childcare spaces is a barrier for too many families to participate fully in the workforce and their communities, and this has a disproportionate impact on women,” said Fraser. “We know from the City's Making Strides report that less than half of families seeking licensed childcare in Vancouver today can find a fulltime space,” Fraser continued.

The VSB's 2019 data show that their sites provide 4,293 spaces in 117 programs and it's timely to get an update on the progress made in the last three years. It's important to understand what additional spaces on school sites could be used for childcare as this is essential in developing strategies to work together with the City of Vancouver and on-site childcare providers.  

“With federal and provincial pushes for a universal system of childcare, we need to explore strategies to increase childcare spaces on VSB sites to further support a vibrant city where all families with young children can live and thrive,” said Fraser.

The Green Party of Vancouver takes a holistic and long-sighted view for public education in Vancouver, knowing that schools are the hearts of local neighbourhoods. Our children, and all families, depend on quality childcare in order to reach their full potential. 


Expanding childcare at VSB sites
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City Report:
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