Core Principles of the Green Party of Vancouver

All of our candidates and elected officials have one thing in common: they are appreciated by Vancouverites who value the principled leadership and creativity they bring to their elected bodies, their strong democratic principles, and their readiness to listen to what citizens have to say and then to be a voice for them at the decision-making table.

The Green Party of Vancouver is guided by six core principles:

Participatory Democracy
Working to engage all citizens in Vancouver is the decisions that affect their communities and their lives.

Ensuring we responsibly manage our resources and community development for future generations.

Social Justice
Acknowledging that everyone has a fundamental right to health, wellbeing, and inclusion.

Respect for Diversity
Celebrating and protecting the diversity of Vancouver and its people.

Ecological Wisdom
Learning to live within the physical and ecological limits of our planet and to protect nature. 

Safeguarding people’s security and freedom through cooperation and consensus building.