About Us

The Green Party of Vancouver was founded in 1984, and has elected representatives to School Board, Park Board and City Council. 

In 2011, Adriane Carr - one of the party's original founders - was elected as Vancouver's first ever Green City Councillor. In 2014 she was re-elected at the top of the polls, receiving more votes than any City Councillor in the history of Vancouver.

2014 also saw the Green Party of Vancouver elect one of the first Green caucuses in Canada. In addition to Councillor Adriane Carr, Stuart Mackinnon was elected for a second term on Park Board (he previously served from 2008-2011) along with rookie Green Park Board Commissioner Michael Wiebe, who became Park Board Chair at the end of 2016. Commissioner Mackinnon was appointed Park Board Chair in December 2017. Janet Fraser was elected to School Board, where she held the balance of power on a split board and served as Vice-Chair until the entire board was dissolved by the BC Liberal government in 2016. More Greens were elected in 2017, with Green School Board candidates winning the top three spots in a nine-seat by-election.

In 2018 Greens topped the polls once again and elected the largest Green caucus in Canada. Trustee Janet Fraser, who received the most votes in the entire election, now serves as Chair of the School Board and is joined by Trustees Estrellita Gonzalez and Lois Chan-Pedley. On Park Board Greens secured took the top three positions in the polls. Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon is once again Chair and Commissioner Dave Demers is Vice-Chair. They serve on the board with Camil Dumont, who served as chair for 2020. 2018 also saw gains for Greens on City Council. Councillor Adriane Carr who took the top spot once again, was followed closely by Councillor Pete Fry. They now serve on Council with former Green Park Board Commissioner Michael Wiebe.

All of our elected Greens have one thing in common: they are appreciated by Vancouverites who value the principled leadership and strong democratic principles they bring to their elected bodies. Greens believe that engaging residents, evidence-based decision-making, and big picture thinking must guide the continued growth and liveability of our city.

Together, the Green Party of Vancouver team is your voice on Council, Park Board and School Board. We put public interest first and are committed to a collaborative style of politics, innovative ideas and a brighter future for everyone who lives and works here.

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