About Us

The Vancouver Greens have been working hard on your City Council, School Board and Parks Board to address the needs of all communities.

In the past four years we have delivered:

  • A city-wide plan that will build the affordable housing and community amenities we need

    Ecosystem revival, blue ways and greenways, and other initiatives to improve local biodiversity;

  • More cycling and the slow streets pilot;

  • A renter’s office to support tenants;

  • Support for small business;

  • Climate action such as green roofs and retrofitting public buildings to be safe havens during extreme weather events caused by the climate crisis

There is still lots more work to do. The Vancouver Greens know that people are served best when elected officials work cooperatively to bring forth proven solutions that will make a difference in our day-to-day lives.

We need to build the affordable housing that people really need, not just cater to what big real estate developers want.

We need real climate action that will drive down emissions, strengthen our local economy and improve Vancouverites’ quality of life.

And we need a plan for complete, connected communities that will enable our residents to live healthy, fulfilling lives.