Green motion to explore additional funding options for schools passes 7-2

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Green Party Trustee Lois Chan-Pedley’s motion to investigate additional income sources beyond the Ministry of Education and Child Care funding passed 7-2 at last night’s Vancouver School Board meeting.

Chan-Pedley’s motion directs staff to explore the possibility of setting up a foundation that could generate the funding needed to make up for Provincial shortfalls and enable the Vancouver School Board to provide students with the education, choice programs, and safe schools they need to succeed.

“The unfortunate reality is the Province is not providing the Vancouver Board of Education with the funding we need,” said Chan-Pedley. “They have barely increased per student funding levels since the BC Liberals were in power and they have not approved a single major capital expenditure in our district in over three years.

“We have seismically unsafe schools, severely underserved areas of the city, and new school sites ready to be developed, including Olympic Village, and no movement from the Province — despite their bold election promises in 2020.

“This isn't a new idea, other school districts in BC, including Langley and Victoria have already set up foundations to supplement funding and provide extra support for students in their districts.”

The Langley School District Foundation was established in 2001 with a goal to supplement publicly funded education to ensure Langley students achieve success. Although the Foundation is independent of the Langley School District, its sole purpose is to support Langley students.

“I want all Vancouuver students to have safe schools, choice programs like arts, music and outdoor education, and the ability to go to school near their home.”

“Of course we wish we could rely on the Ministry of Education and Child Care to fund our district's needs, but this term has taught me that’s simply not the case. I believe Trustees have a duty to be doing everything we can to support our students. If the Province won’t step up, we need to find alternative options to provide for Vancouver’s students.”


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