School Board Priorities

Green trustees pledge to monitor the implementation of the Education Plan, taking into account both system data and qualitative feedback, to assess the improvements in students' success and to identify and rectify achievement gaps.

Greens are committed to exploring all opportunities to expand child care spaces on school sites, including before-and-after school, as well as 0-5 child care. We pledge to monitor the current Seamless Day child care pilot and push for the provincial Ministry of Education and Child Care to provide additional support and funding to align with the Ministry's name change.

Greens are opposed to firearms in schools and voted against the reinstatement of SLOs, which was approved by the ABC dominant board. As such, Greens call for the implementation of measures to ensure safety and accountability, including comprehensive SLO training and the development, communication, and enforcement of clear expectations and responsibilities. Civilian oversight is essential, as recommended by BC’s all-party police reform committee report.

In view of inadequate funding from the province, Greens are committed to finding creative ways to fund capital projects and school operations, so that we can provide the best education experience we can for kids.

Greens believe in meeting children “where they’re at,” and in further developing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) practices in all schools to create more inclusive learning environments. We also advocate for measures to encourage the Ministry to provide increased support and funding for students with diverse learning needs.

Green Trustees prioritize building on collaborative efforts already underway to advance the Food Framework Vision and to finding creative ways to introduce food systems into all Vancouver schools. We will focus not only on feeding children, but also on education about nutrition and food systems.