Last year alone, Vancouver spent over $50 million to repair damages caused by climate change. Taxpayers have been stuck with the bill, while big oil companies are raking in record profits.

Climate Change and its related damages are only going to get worse and more expensive if we fail to act. Oil Companies have known this all along, yet they’ve misled the public to sow doubt in climate science and delay government action. 

There are precedents for such a lawsuit. Similar suits against big tobacco and pharmaceutical companies have been successful. And in a 2021 landmark case, a Dutch court ruled that Shell must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions 45% by 2030, based on 2019 levels. 

In July 2022, Vancouver City Council passed a motion by Green City Councillor, Adriane Carr, committing the city to support a class action lawsuit against BIG Oil to compensate Vancouver for the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars being spent to mitigate, adapt to, and repair damages caused by climate change. In March 2023 the new ABC party majority voted down Councillor Carr’s motion to put a mere 1 cent per resident ($6,622) into Vancouver’s operating budget to pursue the SUE BIG OIL lawsuit.

But Clr Carr can re-introduce a motion every year until her colleagues wake up to the accelerating climate crisis and realize it’s only fair to hold Big Oil accountable and make them, not taxpayers, pay for the damage their products have caused. She is committed to educating her Council colleagues about the good chance of winning the lawsuit because Big Oil knew all along. 

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