Park Board Priorities

Greens want to bring back the Stanley Park Bike Lane! We will continue to fight for a safe active transportation lane on Stanley Park Drive and across our city/parks.

Greens are committed to developing a 100-year plan for our 28 km of coastal parks to address sea-level rise and the loss of biodiversity. Vancouver cannot afford to continually rebuild the seawall and related shoreline infrastructure after each major storm.

Greens understand the need to protect and enhance pollinator corridors and bird migratory pathways throughout the city.  In order to accomplish this goal, we need to focus on strengthening our urban tree canopy, community gardens, and rainwater capture zones, and promote the smart use of biological solutions for biological problems.

Because the public deserves to know how much carbon dioxide is released by city operations and city construction projects, Greens believe that all operating and capital budgets need to provide full disclosure of the corresponding carbon cost. We must ensure that city staff have access to new tools that simplify analysis and reporting.

Enhancement of community food gardens and forests and the expansion of Indigenous healing gardens are Green objectives designed to draw communities and families into closer daily contact with nature.

Parks, facilities and services in our system need to be available, accessible, affordable, and welcoming to all residents, prioritizing programs geared to children, families, and seniors.