Greens comment on departure of Park Board GM Donnie Rosa

Vancouver, B.C.  With great disappointment, the Green Party of Vancouver acknowledged today the departure of Park Board GM Donnie Rosa.

“Donnie is a proven civic leader who led the Park Board in giant steps towards reconciliation, social equity and civic engagement” said Green Party Park Board Commissioner Tom Digby.  “I will deeply miss them, staff will miss them, and sadly the impact of this departure will be felt throughout the city.”  

Donnie Rosa, who is a Hockey Hall of Fame inductee, and currently ranked #12 of the Vancouver Power 50 list, has been at the helm of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation since 2020. 

Green Party City Councillor Pete Fry praised Donnie’s contributions to our city, acknowledging “Donnie stepped in to lead as GM when we needed them the most at the height of the pandemic as our parks and recreation system were grappling with multiple stressors and crises. In particular, their thoughtful work during the Strathcona Park encampment to manage the unmanageable and eventually bring the months-long encampment to a close showed a lot of skill, empathy, and dedication.”

The Green Party of Vancouver wishes Donnie Rosa the best of success in their future endeavours.