Green City Councillor Pete Fry calls for action to protect biodiversity and Vancouver’s status as a bird-friendly city

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Green City Councillor Pete Fry is introducing a motion to Vancouver City Council that calls for actions to support the City’s Bird Strategy, and uphold Vancouver’s certified status as a Bird Friendly City. The motion highlights the decline of bird populations worldwide, their environmental importance, and mental health of Vancouver residents, proposing a series of measures to promote biodiversity and rewilding in urban areas.

According to Councillor Fry, “Birds are vital to our urban environment as ecosystem engineers: pollinators, predators, seed-dispersers, and scavengers  Birds benefit more than just our environment, studies have shown that regular exposure to birdlife has positive impacts on mental health, and by promoting these elements in our city, we can create a healthier and more livable urban environment.”

Vancouver is important for bird populations given our location on the Fraser River delta, a major stop along the Pacific Flyway with over 250 species of resident and migratory birds. Despite Vancouver’s Bird Strategy first approved in 2015: human settlement, habitat loss, development, and climate change are exacerbating further stress on birds in Vancouver, and many of the Strategy’s recommendations remain unfulfilled.

The motion proposes a series of measures to promote biodiversity and rewilding in Vancouver, including:

  • Implementing bird-friendly design and operational guidelines for buildings, landscaping, parks and other outdoor spaces
  • Creating and improving habitat corridors and greenways throughout the city to connect and expand natural areas
  • Working to grow bird tourism in Vancouver and the region.
  • Maintaining Vancouver’s premier status as a Nature Canada certified Bird Friendly City.

“By taking action to promote biodiversity and rewilding in our city, we can create a healthier and more sustainable urban environment that benefits both humans and wildlife,” said Councillor Fry. “I urge my fellow Councillors to support this motion and help make Vancouver a leader in urban biodiversity and rewilding.”

Fry’s motion calls for an official proclamation of Vancouver Bird Celebration May 13-31, 2023 and coincides with World Migratory Bird Day.

Fry’s motion will be introduced at Council May 9th, 2023.


Motion: The Bird is the Word: Elevating Vancouver’s Strategy

Photo by Mario Mendez