Fry asks City Council to create data-driven policies to protect tenants in Broadway Corridor

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Green City Councillor Pete Fry has introduced a motion to track the pace of demovictions, renovictions, and renter displacement in the Broadway Plan area. Fry’s motion also calls on Council to commit to protecting Vancouver’s existing affordable rental stock.

"The housing crisis in Vancouver is a complex issue that requires comprehensive solutions," said Fry. "We need to prevent renovictions and demovictions, protect our existing affordable rental stock, and collect accurate data to make effective policies.

Fry stressed the need for accurate data in order to understand the scope of the problem and develop solutions that work. 

"We need data to inform our policies and ensure that we're making the right decisions for renters in the Broadway Plan area. By tracking building permits, demolition permits, and vacancy rates, we can monitor progress and trends and stay apprised of opportunities and challenges as the Broadway Plan progresses."

“We’ve seen emergent trends where developers are able to circumnavigate the Broadway Plan’s vaunted Tenant Protection Policies, and market pressures that would incentivize them to do so. As Councillors we have a responsibility to protect vulnerable populations, and that includes potentially thousands of Vancouver households in affordable rentals along the Broadway Corridor.”

Green Councillors Pete Fry and Adriane Carr were the only two Councillors to vote in favour of the staff recommended Broadway Plan Pace of Change Policy to limit the demolition of older rental apartment stock when the decision came to Council in May. 

“We seem to be the only party who understands that demolishing existing rental stock will only worsen the housing crisis. With over half of Vancouver's population being renters, this is an issue that affects a significant portion of our city. Greens are here for tenants and we will continue to fight for their rights and their homes."


Motion: Tracking the Broadway Plan Pace of Demoviction

Green statement on Pace of Change Policy being cut from Broadway Plan by Council Majority

Photo by Nate Foong