Commissioner Digby Votes No On Stanley Park Bike Lane Removal

VANCOUVER, B.C. - This evening Green Party Park Board Commissioner Tom Digby was the only commissioner to vote no on a motion to remove the Stanley Park Bike Lane. 

Commissioner Digby voted no because he believes that the taxpayer money spent removing the current bike lane would be much better spent upgrading the existing bike lane to achieve the Park Board’s stated goal of creating a permanent bike lane in the same location. 

City managers confirmed for Commissioner Digby that there is no technical or financial advantage in removing the temporary lane in order to make way for the permanent one that ABC promises will be constructed. 

“It makes your head spin to contemplate the unnecessary costs incurred by taxpayers to remove a perfectly safe and viable bike lane only to replace it months from now with even more expensive infrastructure,” said Commissioner Digby.

Commissioner Digby’s no vote was also informed by the impressive display of grassroots support for the bike lane and the high volume of emails submitted to the Park Board by the public in favour of keeping the bike lane in place. 

“Nearly 600 people wrote emails or signed petitions in favour of keeping the bike lane and I find it troubling that the Park Board would make the decision to go ahead with this vote without hearing directly from the public on something that is clearly so important to us all,” said Commissioner Tom Digby. 



Evidence of Public Support for Stanley Park Bike Lane: