City Council Priorities

Greens are committed to implementing evidence-informed adaptation and mitigation strategies to reduce the impact of climate change on our city, including facilitating energy retrofits of buildings, promoting zero-waste initiatives, developing local clean energy, and expanding green transportation and green spaces throughout the city. 

Greens are committed to creating more affordable housing options, including shared housing, cohousing, rental homes, and apartments geared to families. In order to protect renters from exploitation and eviction, Greens view enhanced protections for renters as a key priority. Greens also understand the need to develop proactive, comprehensive strategies to prevent, reduce, and ultimately eliminate homelessness.

Greens are committed to creating safe, equitable, and healthy communities that provide essential services to meet people’s needs. We support implementing harm reduction strategies to address issues related to addiction and mental health, and will work to ensure that all community members feel safe and supported.

eens believe in creating sustainable transportation options that prioritize the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit riders. We support a multimodal transportation approach that includes slower, safer streets, more bike lanes, dedicated transit lanes, and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure.

Greens support urban design plans that incorporate green space, livability, sound design principles, and the optimization of neighbourhood streets for community use. We believe that public amenities like active transportation infrastructure, slow streets, parklets and plazas, childcare facilities, libraries, and recycling  options need to be accessible to all residents in all neighbourhoods.

We understand the urgent need to create sustainable food systems that prioritize local agriculture, food security, and reduce food waste. Greens pledge to work with local organizations and community members to promote community gardens, urban agriculture, and food recovery programs.