Board of Directors


Anthony Hughes -

Anthony has served as the Green Party of Vancouver's Chairperson since 2017. He also serves as the CEO for the federal Green Party's Vancouver Granville EDA and has volunteered extensively on several BC Greens campaigns. In 2017, Anthony was awarded the BC Greens Rising Star award for his extreme dedication to door knocking throughout the 2017 election campaign. As Chair, Anthony has contributed countless hours to building the party's capacity not only in numbers but in skillsets and backgrounds. Anthony's focus is on improving diversity through community outreach and improving the party's ground game. Anthony has worked as a test engineer at the Mozilla Corporation since 2010 with a primary focus on testing Firefox, community development, and test automation.

Vice Chairperson

Nick Poppell -

A westend resident for the past decade Nick was born and raised in the lower mainland. After studying at both the University of Victoria and University of British Columbia he began a career in the entertainment industry, working in theatre, TV, film, VFX, and now video games, with strong skills associated to production and facilities. Nick started working with the Green Party of Vancouver three years ago, being voted onto the board of directors last year. He brought his skillset to the 2018 municipal campaign, helping coordinate the creation of the campaign office, 60+ campaign videos, and day to day strategy with key members of the campaign team. He is currently working to address areas of need in the party, identifying and recruiting new members through chairing the outreach committee, and helping shape protocols and procedures as a member of the governance committee.


John Whistler -

John is a founding director of the party and has been the Treasurer - Financial Agent since 2004. He also serves as the Financial Agent for the Vancouver Centre Green Party EDA and is the Secretary of the Board for the Vancouver Pride Society. John is retired and has previously served on a number boards for a variety of non government organizations. John's focus at the GPV is governance, financial management and business processes.

Membership Coordinator

Elaine Alpert MD, MPH -

Elaine has served on the Green Party of Vancouver Board of Directors since 2015 and is focused on expanding party's membership, promoting active member engagement and participation, and strengthening our financial foundation through both one-time and monthly donations. Elaine has spent her career as a public health-focused academic physician and medical school administrator, focusing on education, training, clinical care, and policy development in violence prevention (primarily domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking). Although retired from clinical practice, she still teaches at UBC and consults both within Canada and globally. Elaine is married, with two grown children, a third child who is no longer with us, and three amazing grand-children. She is a classical choral singer and has a basic conversational facility in Spanish. Elaine has lived in Vancouver since 2009 and became a Canadian citizen in March 2019.


Richard Gibbons -

Richard is a serial entrepreneur, having co-founded four software companies in the education, social media, and warranty industries. Additionally, he has authored amusing and educational weekly articles for The Motley Fool investing website, and more recently published The Battlefield Chronicles series of young-adult novels. Richard hopes to enhance the party's information technology capabilities in order to boost engagement in the search for solutions to Vancouver’s most pressing issues.

Directors at Large

Tracy Dundass -

Tracy has lived in the West End for the past 19 years. During the 2018 campaign she stepped up as the volunteer coordinator and continues to serve as the party's volunteer coordinator to this day. Her past experience organizing events for her community slo-pitch league, her numerous connections in the community and her skills with the organizations of individuals makes her an ideal fit as the party's volunteer coordinator. She works tirelessly to ensure the Green Party is signed up to participate in the community events around the city and to recruit volunteers for these events.

Fernando Garci-Crespo -

Fernando is a grassroots political organizer, environmental justice activist and mental health advocate. Originally from Mexico, Fernando’s passion for environmental issues began from a young age, yet his interest for social justice was sparked later, when as a teenager he worked as an evening volunteer teacher at an orphanage. Inspired by his passion for environmentalism and by his first hand experience working to help impoverished children, Fernando began his work as an activist when he arrived to Canada. In this country he found the opportunity to engage in political and societal change, without the threat of violence and political repression lived in Mexico. His experience in the grassroots on campaigns for the Green Parties (provincially and federally) as well as that done for other independent causes and candidates (including ProRep and municipal elections), provides him with a strong foundation to bring pragmatic, bottom-up change to the Green Party of Vancouver. As he said “We need to ensure that the Green Party of Vancouver is always changing, always becoming more and more diverse, and always portrays itself as an innovative party, a people-powered alternative to politics as usual”.


Steve Kisby -

Steve brings a wealth of experience in organizational and fundraising success from all levels of the Green Party. At other levels, he's currently the vice president of the Green Party of Canada Fund. With connections in the greener transportation, greener energy, and electoral reform activist community, Steve is a quick leaner with initiative, with skills in administration, promotion, and governance. Professionally, Steve owns and runs a small media release company, and by trade is an Information Technology professional. Provincially he resides in the Vancouver-Kensington riding and federally he's in Vancouver-Kingsway.


James Marshall -

James has lived in the greater Vancouver area for his whole life, and is currently working as a Technical Artist in the city's video game development industry. He was a provincial election candidate for the BC Green Party in 2017, and is the author of a soon to be released book on the history of Green politics and ideologies. He's most interested in the areas of democratic institutions and reforms, ecological and sustainable economic systems, and the effects on our society from how we structure our economic and social systems.


Tim Maskell -

Tim is a West End resident and project manager with over 15 years working in retail based projects. Educated in Environmental Science, Tim is driven to support action on climate change and building community support for our Green leaders. Tim was a lead volunteer in the 2018 Municipal Election campaign, coordinating flyer drops and participating in door and street canvassing activity. Passionate about outreach and community building, he hopes to help deepen our engagement with Vancouver residents and continue to build diverse support for the party platform and our elected Greens.


Rasoul Narimani -

Rasoul was born and raised in Dehno, Iran where he helped his father with farming until his early twenties when he pursued a Masters Degree in theoretical physics at the Isfahan University of Technology. He moved to Vancouver in 2007 to pursue a PhD at SFU with a focus on fuel cell membrane research. Rasoul is passionate about education, science, healthcare, urban farming and in general a ”Smart City” concept. As a Director with the Green Party of Vancouver he hopes to be able to impact change in order to positively affect our society.