Adriane Carr - Vancouver City Councillor

Green_Party_Web01.jpgBio: In 2011, Adriane Carr became Vancouver’s first Green Party Councillor in the City of Vancouver. In 2014, she was re-elected to Vancouver's City Council at the top of the polls, winning more votes than any Councillor in Vancouver's history.

Adriane Carr earned an MA in urban geography from UBC, taught at Langara College, then worked to establish the Gastown-based Wilderness Committee as one of Canada’s pre-eminent conservation groups. In 2000 she was elected as BC Green Party Leader—a party she co-founded in 1983 and became the first Green leader in televised leaders’ debates. In 2006, after co-chairing the campaign to elect Elizabeth May as Green Party of Canada Leader, she was appointed as May’s Deputy Leader, resigning in 2014.  Carr has been the honorary co-chair of the Canadian Women Voters’ Congress’s Women’s Campaign School for the past seven years. As a Vancouver City Councillor, Carr has championed issues to improve peoples’ quality of life, create a greener city, and ensure peoples’ voices are not just heard but incorporated into decisions of Council.

Why is Adriane a Green? - "The Green Party is the only party that is neither left nor right, that puts collaboration ahead of partisanship, that understands limits to growth, and that makes decisions with our childrens’ future at the top of mind. I believe it is a key part of the solution to our city’s democratic crisis and our planet’s future.

I love being an elected Councillor and I want to continue the work I started in 2011. I believe that my voice as a Green Party Councillor is a unique voice that can hold any other party to account. I have earned a good reputation for listening to citizens and incorporating their ideas and concerns into motions and amendments, a majority of which are passed.