Lois Chan-Pedley - School Board Trustee

Lois Chan-Pedley (陳尚文) was first elected in 2018, with a mission to improve music, arts, food security, outdoor education and a commitment to reconciliation. Her proudest moments in her first term have been to indefinitely suspend the SLO program through her work on the SLO Engagement Ad Hoc Committee; create the new Education/Strategic Plan 2022 as a member of the Ed Plan working group; study student assessment in the FSA Working Group; as well as continue to build and strengthen the VSB's relationships with the local First Nations through a call for a colonial audit.

When she’s not busy raising her kiddos, aged 8 and 10, she runs a web agency and works with many nonprofits and social enterprises in the city.

Her family immigrated from Hong Kong when she was 10. She’s lived in many different neighbours in Vancouver and now lives in Little Mountain Cohousing with her husband, two kids, and a dog.

 [email protected]

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