Tom Digby - Park Board Commissioner

Tom Digby 狄弼 (he/his).  Dad and a husband.  Intellectual property lawyer and scientist (M.Sc. Biochemistry).  

Elected to the Vancouver Park Board in 2022, Tom is a relentless climate optimist who believes the city can take bold action to address the climate emergency by reducing our carbon footprint, enhancing urban tree and wildlife systems, reducing waste, implementing a circular economy, and adapting facilities and services for climate resilience.

He takes a triple bottom line view (financial, social and environmental) of the $143 million operating budget, $87 million capital budget and 1100 valued employees. He is ready to engage the major Park Board policies and infrastructure challenges of our 240 parks, 24 community centres (many in need of renovation), marinas, skating rinks and swimming pools.  Our three championship golf courses.  The unique and iconic Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, VanDusen Gardens and Bloedel Conservatory.

The Vancouver park system has been a trusted friend through these pandemic years. Tom seeks to continue the outstanding leadership of the current Vancouver Greens at Park Board with a friendly and informative manner.

Tom brings experience as a past member of many volunteer committees (schools, professional and arts).  He was chair of the Vancouver Greens in 2002 when we elected our first candidate to a city position. He served two terms on the Vancouver City Planning Commission from 2001 to 2004. As a lawyer, Tom can help lead and resolve ongoing concerns about tent encampments in parks. 

He is deeply aware that many residents have concerns and complaints about our parks.  As a Commissioner, Tom is prepared to engage all residents with a view to social equity and livability.   

Now is the time for reconciliation. At the historical source of our Vancouver parks lies a fundamental crime:  Our predecessors broke our own laws to seize the land without proper treaty negotiation. Now is the time to put our parks on proper footing and clear a path for the next generations to thrive. 

Former tree-planter. Spanish speaker. Tom wants to enable festivals and community events whenever feasible in Vancouver. We can make Vancouver weirder.  Tom is committed to bring the best of our Green values to our parks and city.

Change is coming. We can make it Green change.

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