Trustee Chan-Pedley working to ensure free pad and tampon dispensers are installed in Vancouver schools

Published Feb 04, 2019 10:27 AM

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Green Party School Trustee Lois Chan-Pedley has requested information from staff regarding the installation of free feminine hygiene product dispensers in all Vancouver public schools. Staff is currently looking into costing and will report back with the information necessary for Chan-Pedley to move forward.

“I am proud to be advancing this work, but the fact that it needs to be done is a sober reminder of the gender inequalities deeply rooted in our society,” said Chan-Pedley.

“Soap, toilet paper, and paper towel are all hygiene products provided in school washrooms. Currently pads and tampons are available at our schools, but students must go and ask for them. By having different standards for feminine hygiene products, we are reinforcing, worse, teaching young women that their needs, their bodies, and their health are less important.

"We know women and girls are more likely to skip social and extracurricular activities if they can't manage their periods, and sometimes they may even skip class.

“I am hopeful that we can save students the shame, embarrassment and time of having to approach staff and ask for these products. Free and easy access to pads and tampons will remove barriers for those with financial challenges, and will enable participation in learning and other beneficial activities.

“I am grateful to Selina Tribe who brought this to our attention and for her work on this issue around our province.”