Tricia Riley - Candidate for Park Board

Tricia Riley is a park-user, rowing coach, and trained lawyer working in the renewable energy sector in Indigenous relations.

Driven by her dedication to advance environmental justice and reconciliation, Patricia has had the privilege to work with Indigenous communities across BC and Yukon and environmental non-governmental organizations. Working in this sector has taught Patricia the value of consensus-building, and that bringing everyone together at one table is the best way to navigate complex problems.

Born in the Paris of the Prairies (a.k.a. Winnipeg), Patricia chose Vancouver as her home in 2011. Fueled by her passion for community-building and accessible athletic recreation, Patricia devotes her time outside of work to coaching beginner rowers at the historic Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park, where she sat on the Club’s Board of Directors. As a coach, Patricia focuses on creating an inclusive space for people from all walks of life embarking on a new and challenging endeavour, and as part of the Club’s leadership team she has worked to build a stronger and more equitable community.

Patricia is dedicated to supporting accessible community recreation and green spaces for all Vancouverites. She believes the last two years have clearly demonstrated the invaluable benefit public outdoor spaces and services contribute to both individual and community wellbeing. If selected to represent the Greens as a candidate for Parks Board, Patricia will bring her boundless positive energy, enthusiasm and integrity to the table in seeking to engage a broad base of support in the next municipal election.

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