Thank you for making history with us


Thank you for making history with us!

Thanks to our volunteers, advisers, donors and Vancouver voters, the Green Party of Vancouver made history on November 15th with the biggest electoral win for the Greens of all time. Here's what we accomplished together:

  • Adriane Carr re-elected as City Councillor, topping the polls with more than 74,000 votes. This is more votes than any Vancouver City Councillor has ever received! Adriane also became Canada's first Green politician to win re-election.
  • Two Greens, Stuart Mackinnon and Michael Wiebe, elected to Park Board. This is the first time that more than one Green has been elected to the same body in an election!
  • Newly elected Green School Board Trustee Janet Fraser finds herself holding the balance of power on School Board split 4-1-4 between Vision, the Green Party and the NPA.
  • Incredibly strong showings by Council candidates Pete Fry and Cleta Brown, and School Board candidate Mischa Oak, who all received nearly the same number of votes that Adriane Carr first won election with in 2011.

This was by far the biggest Green campaign in Vancouver's history. We had more volunteers, reached more households, put out more signs, had more candidates and got more media coverage than ever before. And we accomplished all of this with a campaign budget less than 3% those of our corporate-funded rivals. Thank you to all of our donors for fueling a people-powered campaign!

Our elected Greens look forward to spending the next four years doing exactly what they promised during this campaign: bringing a fresh collaborative approach to decision-making on Council, Park Board and School Board. Stay tuned!