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Become a Monthly Sustaining Donor for the School Board Campaign

Monthly donations help ensure the stable, predictable funding we need to accomplish our goals.   

The sustaining support of monthly donors allows the Green Party of Vancouver to plan, budget and to increase our community outreach in order to promote open and transparent municipal governance, and to prepare for the next election.  

You can set up a monthly donation using your credit card on this page. This donation will go toward the next school  board election campaign.

You may donate up to a maximum of $1,324 to each campaign (civic and school board) in 2023. Donations made to municipal political parties are not eligible for a tax receipt. All contributors of $100 or more per year are disclosed to Elections BC and become public record.

To sign up for a pre-authorized bank account debit plan via your financial institution (which has the advantage of almost no processing fees and no need to update expiring credit cards), please click here. You can scan and email the completed form to [email protected].

Thank you for your support!