Statement by Cleta Brown

Published Oct 19, 2014 12:07 PM

I decided to run for the Green Party of Vancouver because of my admiration for Adriane Carr and her strong, principled stance on civic and community issues and specifically the dire need for transparency in city politics.  I believe many wanted me to run because of my commitment to social justice issues and my commitment to citizen-centred democracy.  In completing the Statement of Financial Disclosure,  it occurred to me that I could just sell my natural resource holdings before filing my disclosure statement.  But I decided to complete my Statement fully and honestly. 

I  believe in ethical conduct and fair process.  And I act and make decisions accordingly. I believe this is consistent with the Green Party ethos.

Because of my commitment to social justice, ethical conduct and sustainability, I am undertaking a detailed review of my entire portfolio to ensure that I do not hold shares of companies that do not meet the ethical and environmental standards consistent with Green Party principles and expected of good corporate citizens.  I will immediately divest myself of the shares of any companies that do not meet these standards.

Cleta Brown
Green Party Vancouver Candidate for City Council