2017 School Board Platform

Note: A new School Board platform is currently in development for the 2018 School Board election. In the meantime, you can read our 2017 School Board by-election platform below, or check out our 2014 School Board platform here.

Fully funded public education

Schools as the heart of the community

Safe schools for everyone

Inclusive schools that support vulnerable students

Financial stability and transparency

Sustainability in schools


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Fully funded public education

A fully-funded public education system is the best investment we can make to create a better future for our province.  After many years of underfunding by the previous government, Vancouver Green trustees are look forward to working collaboratively with other VSB trustees and with the new Green-supported provincial government.  We will seek to:  

  • Effectively implement the Supreme Court-ordered reinstatement of the collective agreement with teachers.

  • Advocate for funding, both operational and capital, that meets our district's needs.

  • Implement the new provincial funding for basic adult education courses and English Language Learning to best support these students.  Vancouver’s Main Street centre was recently closed and, to accommodate increased enrolment this centre, should be reopened.  

  • Seek provincial support to build new schools in areas of the city where there are more students than school spaces, such as the downtown peninsula (Coal Harbour Elementary, King George Secondary) and south east False Creek (Olympic Village). Looking further ahead, plan for more capacity in future growth areas along the Cambie Corridor, at UBC, and the Fraserlands.  

  • Resist any provincial government pressure to sell VSB land, such as Kingsgate Mall, to cover the costs of operational budget cuts.  

Schools as the heart of the community

All Vancouver families should feel confident that their neighbourhood school is an excellent learning environment, giving young people the tools to build their lives and communities.  Schools are so much more than buildings where students learn during the day - they are places that bring communities together. Vancouver Green Trustees will work to:

  • Improve the two-way communication between the VSB and parents by better hearing what parents have to say and better providing VSB information.  Continue to improve the VSB website and continue to work closely and respectfully with the Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC).   

  • Explore all opportunities for providing childcare spaces at school sites.  

  • Support use of school spaces outside of school hours by neighbourhood organizations and the community, repurposing surplus school space to meet this goal.

  • Continue to work closely with the Park Board to collaborate on providing local sports and recreation opportunities.  

  • Not sell any school sites to ensure the investment in public land is available for future generations of students.  Explore options to generate capital funds for new projects through targeted development of portions of large school sites or non-school sites.  

  • Work with the provincial government to secure stable and adequate funding so budget cuts do not lead to consideration of school closures.

  • Work to restore the French Immersion spaces that were not available this year due to implementation of the teachers’ contract.

  • Support and seek to expand art and music programs in our schools.  

Safe schools for everyone

Every student has the right to be safe at school.  School safety includes a sense of security and wellbeing in addition to a student's physical and mental health.  Working collaboratively with all levels of government and stakeholders we will:

  • Accelerate the seismic projects such that all Vancouver schools will be safe by 2030. There are more than 60 schools to be addressed in 13 years.  

  • Ensure a safe and respectful workplace for all employees as well as a safe and respectful environment for all students and their families.  

  • Continue to support the Active Routes to School partnership with the City of Vancouver and work to implement action plans.  

  • Seek funding and partnerships to provide cycling safety education in all schools that request it.

  • Support wellness and mental health initiatives for all students, teachers, support staff and administrators.

Inclusive schools that support vulnerable students

Vancouver has a very diverse student population, which presents much strength but can also present challenges.  All students must feel safe, welcome, and be ready to learn.  Vancouver Green Trustees will:

  • Support access to food programs for vulnerable students as any hungry student will struggle to learn.  

  • Seek to enhance Indigenous students’ sense of belonging in our schools and address barriers to student success.  Increase knowledge, appreciation of and respect amongst all Vancouver students for Indigenous cultures and their contributions.  

  • Continue to implement the education recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  

  • Support English language learners, Multicultural Liaison workers, and family support programs to accelerate student success.

  • Continue the implementation of the guidelines for the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities Policy and monitor success.  The only amendment to the 2017/18 budget was Trustee Dr. Janet Fraser’s successful motion to restore the anti-homophobia mentorship role.  

  • Continue the successful School Age Children and Youth partnership to address substance use prevention.

  • Focus on excellence in our district: excellence in student success, in support for all staff, and in all district operations.  

Financial stability and transparency

To improve services to our students Green School Trustees will pursue budget stability and transparency.  Voters, including parents, want to know that the district's funds are being spent wisely, so want a better understanding of funding sources, income, and spending.  

  • Continue to update and be informed by the VSB's five-year strategic plan.  

  • Work with the provincial government to create stable, multi-year funding for school districts and plan multi-year district budgets.  

  • Explore online bookings for school rooms and fields, working with the Park Board as appropriate.

  • Continue to explore revenue opportunities from outside-of-school hours rental of school rooms, fields, parking lots, and school sites for film and TV production.

Sustainability in schools

We must work towards making our schools more environmentally sustainable and educate our students about environmental sustainability.  

  • Work with the provincial government to allow the district’s provincial carbon taxes to be directly applied to locally administered carbon-reducing sustainability projects.  This money could be used in Vancouver without the administrative costs of the provincial program.

  • Explore options to implement energy and cost saving projects in Vancouver's schools, such as solar panels on school roofs, that would enable short to mid-term cost recovery.

  • Work with the provincial government to enable sustainability upgrades in conjunction with seismic upgrades.  

  • Explore ways to strengthen the connection students have with growing and processing food, such as through support of school gardens and food-related community partnerships.  

  • Complete and implement the district’s Sustainability Action Plan, ensuring that student education is at the plan’s core.