School Platform 2022

Student Success

Our goal is that every student in the Vancouver School District attends a school that gives them the best opportunities to build their lives and contribute to their communities. Green Trustees will work to enhance the collaboration and sharing of best practices within our district, acknowledging the dedicated staff at every school and workplace.  

We will:

Ensure we are on track in supporting student success by reviewing the district data and priorities set in the Annual Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL)  The most recent priorities were literacy, social-emotional learning and support for Indigenous learners - we will assess what actions were taken and how they have helped students

Set up every student for success as they transition from K-12 education to work, entrepreneurship, or post-secondary education, including trades and apprenticeships.

Encourage STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math)/STEAM (STEM + Arts) as an option for all students to consider, to experience the tangible connections between math, music, arts and science while exploring the wonder of the earth, universe, and their unique place amongst the cosmos. 

Ensure that our district encourages and supports students to excel.

Strive to provide a continuum of lifelong learning by supporting preschool programs such as Strong Start, Ready Set Learn, and Welcome to Kindergarten, as well as adult education.

Work to ensure a robust teacher/support staff on-call list so that classroom absences will be fully covered.

Explore opportunities to improve students' voices and representation, building on the role of the student trustee and the Vancouver District Student Council.