School Platform 2022

Inclusive learning for all students

Every child has unique learning needs and we need to meet students where they are at to help them reach their full potential. We know the importance of early identification of when and where additional support is needed. Green Trustees will work to advance the district’s work on equity - guided by the VSB’s Education Plan Equity Statement.

We will:  

Continue support for SOGI123 and ensure students of all sexual orientations and gender identities feel supported and welcomed in Vancouver schools.

Support wellness and mental health initiatives for all students and staff and, in particular, acknowledge and address that many students experience an increase in stress and anxiety as a result of the pandemic.

Continue the implementation of the Accessibility Act including the creation of an Accessibility Plan, an Accessibility Committee and a feedback mechanism.  

Further the development of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) practices in all schools to ensure more inclusive learning environments.  Advocate increasing support and funding for students with diverse learning needs.   

Continue the successful SACY (Supporting and Connecting Youth) program to advance substance use prevention and support students who are impacted by the opioid crisis. Encourage a more active response by all levels of government in managing this deadly crisis.   

Support English language learners, Multicultural Liaison and Settlement Workers in schools (SWIS), and family support programs through advocacy to higher levels of government. We recognize family/community support is integral to student success. Ensure our district works collaboratively to support new immigrant and refugee families.