School Platform 2022

Good Governance and Stewardship 

For Green Trustees the care of nearly 50,000 students is our top priority; parents are trusting us with their children's care and well-being. We frame good governance by following our core Six Green Core Values - social justice, sustainability, participatory democracy, ecological wisdom, non-violence and respect for diversity - and always consider how our decisions impact students today, as well as the future generations to come. 

We will:

Champion the full implementation of the Education Plan guided by the Equity statement and Anti-racism and Non-discrimination Plan.

Ensure VSB lands are used for public good, as central to our work is educating students in local public schools. We will maximize the potential of sites, such as Kingsgate Mall, to provide revenue for our district while considering possible community benefits that may include social housing/co-ops and services for children and youth. 

Continue to work towards the goals of having seismically safe schools for all students, giving all students the option to attend their catchment school, and ensuring all schools are accessible and well maintained.  

Continue to be open to hearing from the many voices invested in public education, knowing that different people are comfortable engaging in different ways. 

Explore options and opportunities for Indigenous representation in governance, building from the work of the VSBs Indigenous Education Council.

Understand the importance of the board having strong, respectful relationships with the other levels of government as we advocate for the best interests of all students.

Work collaboratively and respectfully with all trustees, and contribute to a productive and effective board to advance the success of all students.