School Platform 2022

Fully Funded Public Education 

A fully-funded public education system is the best investment we can make for today’s young people and to create a better future for our province. The Ministry of Education and Child Care is responsible for funding public education, but after many years of limited funding district needs are increasingly falling short. Green trustees will seek to hold the government accountable while looking towards alternative funding opportunities. 

We will:

Advocate for funding that meets our students’ needs, both for day-to-day operations and for building and maintaining schools. During the province’s 2023 budget consultation the VSB advocated for more funding for school food programs and this may have influenced the new, one-time, Student and Family Affordability Fund

Seek provincial support to build new schools in areas across the city where there are more students than school spaces and areas of rapid development, such as Olympic Village, downtown (Elsie Roy Elementary and King George Secondary) and along the Cambie Corridor.

Advocate for improved funding to maintain and improve school buildings. As of 2020/21, there is approximately $927 million in deferred maintenance for VSB buildings and needs include painting, roofing, accessibility, electrical, plumbing and washrooms. The BC School Trustees Association is also advocating for Increased School Life Cycle Funding.  

Work with BC School Trustees Association (BCSTA) to continue to advocate to the  province for minimum air quality specifications. A Lois Chan-Pedly motion (#13) was taken to BCSTA by the VSB and approved provincially.

Continue to advocate for covered outdoor learning spaces. A Lois Chan-Pedly motion (#12) was also taken to BCSTA by the VSB and approved provincially. 

Continue to advocate on Ministry Area Standards to ensure new schools have adequate space to provide an excellent learning environment and are designed to be climate-resilient, especially as the climate crisis worsens. 


Seek creative ways to generate additional capital and operational funds. Trustee Lois Chan-Pedley proposed a motion in May 2022, asking staff to investigate additional income sources beyond Ministry of Education and Child Care funding.

Advocate for increased funding for students with diverse learning needs. The current Ministry allocation, which is supplemented by the VSB, is inadequately supporting students to achieve their best.

Build relationships to explore grants and in-kind donations to enhance student's learning experiences, physical and mental well-being and sense of identity.  


Continue to request accessible playgrounds - recent provincial funding has given 7000 students playgrounds, yet the benefits of such playgrounds are crucial to support healthy and active lifestyles.