School Platform 2022

Food security & education 

Food and learning go hand in hand. Students cannot be at their best mentally and physically, ready to learn, if they go to school hungry. Healthy minds and healthy bodies need healthy food to achieve their educational excellence. Green trustees will build on the collaborative work to date building the Food Framework Vision and find creative ways to introduce food systems into all Vancouver schools.

We will:

Champion the Food Framework with the vision that “Every student has access to nourishing food at school; they develop the skills they need to choose, eat, grow, prepare, and share food through VSB School Food programs.” Green trustee Estrellita Gonzalez brought forward this idea and chaired the Food Framework Ad Hoc Committee.  

Support the continued access to food programs for vulnerable students and work to reduce barriers to access, or any stigma associated with school food programs.  The ultimate goal is to have universal food programs for all students.  

Explore ways to strengthen the connection students have with growing, preparing, and eating food, for example by supporting school cafeterias, food programs, gardens and food-related community partnerships such as the pioneering Think & Eat Green. Most schools already have space set aside for garden plots; Green Trustees will support the ongoing efforts of planting and maintaining these spaces. 

Explore creative ways to maximize gardening/food cultivation for students on school grounds with Indigenous food gardens. Consider Traditional forms of gardening, as well as exploring new technologies such as agricultural hydroponics farming

Ensure the smooth roll out of the Student and Family Affordability Fund with its focus on expanding school meal programs. Engage with PACs and school communities, local First Nations and other Indigenous organizations on how to best meet students’ needs.