School Platform 2022 Climate Action

Climate Action

The climate crisis is here and it will take everyone working together to build the resilient and sustainable future we need. to build the resilience we need to build a sustainable future. Educating students and equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the future is paramount to Green Trustees. 

We will:

Ensure students are given opportunities to engage with the natural world, to learn to value and respect the land, plants and animals for their own value.

Continue the implementation of the VSB Environmental Sustainability Plan, with its focus on education, and seek input, especially from students, on how to evolve the plan.

Increase biodiversity on VSB lands by supporting schools to explore new and creative ways to use school lands such as the Miyawaki Method and other evidence based approaches. Explore opportunities to create Indigenous food production spaces, including food forests.   

Support student climate advocacy, by allowing students to attend climate action events and continuing the Student Sustainability Conference. 

Continue to support the Active Routes to School partnership with the City, ensure action plans are implemented, and seek to increase the number of schools participating each year.

Advocate for increased safety for active transportation (for pedestrians, bikes and kids using scooters) noting the successful BCSTA motion requesting the province amend the Motor Vehicle Act to require drivers to provide 1 meter of passing space on roads.

Explore options to implement renewable energy and cost saving projects in Vancouver’s schools, such as solar panels on school roofs or over parking lots, that would enable short to mid-term cost recovery.

Advocate to the provincial government for sustainability upgrades in conjunction with seismic school projects.

Support student- and teacher-led initiatives to increase access to the outdoors, both on school grounds and in the community.  Nearly half of the VSB’s 2021/22 Sustainability Grants were used for green spaces.  

Advocate with the City and Park Board to create a comprehensive bike plan that links community hubs, such as schools, that expands slow/safe street programs. Seek to increase bike parking on school grounds.