Stop the demolition of older affordable rental apartments

On July 10, 2018 Councillor Adriane Carr brought forward a motion to Vancouver City Council for a moratorium on the demolition of purpose-built rental housing buildings in Vancouver until measures are implemented to protect both the existing rental housing stock and their affordable rents.

Adriane’s motion notes that city staff are currently exploring various measures to support reinvestment in Vancouver’s existing rental stock, including energy-efficient upgrades. Her motion arises out of the concern that more proposals to demolish existing rental housing may be submitted before solutions can be researched and implemented, exacerbating the housing affordability crisis in Vancouver


Since 2014, the Green Party of Vancouver has been calling for a moratorium on the demolition of older purpose-built rental apartments until we have a replacement plan in place that will protect and preserve affordable homes for the more than half of Vancouverites who rent.

Many people facing eviction as rental buildings are slated for demolition have spoken to Council, asking that our city’s affordable rental housing be protected.  This petition provides an opportunity for their voices and your voice to heard. It will be presented when city council votes on Adriane’s motion, which could be as soon as September 18. Your support will make a difference. Do you support us?


Will you sign?