Help Greens protect & improve Vancouver's bike locking infrastructure

Vancouver is scheduled to replace 5,500 parking meters with more efficient digital parking stations by the end of 2023. 

But those old parking meters have also served as convenient and secure places for cyclists to lock-up their bikes in some of the most popular areas where people live, shop, and work. Worse, Vancouver is already struggling with a lack of secure places to lock-up, despite our reputation as the bike theft capital of Canada.

Greens want to ensure safe and secure locking infrastructure as part of complete communities, and we would like to see the city undertake a comprehensive strategy to audit and improve public bicycle parking city-wide.

Green City Councillor Pete Fry is calling for a secure bike parking strategy developed in time to repurpose the thousands of obsolete parking meters as official bike lock-up locations.

Do you support Fry’s motion to protect and improve bike locking infrastructure across our city? If so, please let us know by signing our petition.

We will compile your signatures and comments to share with Council and city staff.


Will you sign?

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