Alcohol consumption at Vancouver parks & beaches

UPDATE: Commissioner Demers' pilot launched on July 12th, 2021. Thank you to everyone for your support!


A growing segment of the population of Vancouver has no access to a private yard and thus relies on parks and beaches for gatherings of friends and family. Currently, the consumption of alcoholic beverages at parks and beaches is prohibited.

In the 2018 review of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation’s Concession Strategy, 79% of survey respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the sales of alcoholic beverages in concessions. A limited pilot program to sell alcohol at concessions will be implemented in 2019.

Green Party Commissioner Dave Demers is putting forth a motion to direct staff to conduct a feasibility study to initiate a pilot project that would allow the public to consume their own alcoholic beverages on select parks and beaches as well.

Commissioner Demers believes this is a matter of fairness: fewer of us have access to private backyards so we rely on parks and beaches for leisure; they become our backyards. He believes that responsible residents who want to enjoy a glass of wine by the water should be able to.

This is a matter of recognizing a strong desire from a large segment of the population, especially among the younger, condo-bound generations.

Above all this is a matter of consulting with people, the citizens at large, as well as the users of those parks and beaches that might be considered for that pilot project and looking into the logistical and legal aspects.

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