Petition - install pad & tampon dispensers in schools

Currently period products are not readily available in dispensing machines in Vancouver's school washrooms. Tampons and pads are available at our schools, but students must go and ask for them from a nurse, counselor, or at the office.

Meanwhile, soap, paper towels, and toilet paper are provided in every school washroom. The only difference between those hygiene products and period products is the gender factor.

By having different standards for period products, we are reinforcing, worse, teaching those who menstruate that their needs, their bodies, and their health are less important. The Green Party of Vancouver is working to eliminate this inequality for all those in our school system.

We are grateful to Selina Tribe who brought this to our attention and for her work on this issue around our province.

Green School Trustee Lois Chan-Pedley is working to ensure free pad and tampon dispensers are installed in all Vancouver public school washrooms. She has requested information from staff regarding costs and logistics and will need your support when the report comes back.

Installing dispensers will save students the shame, embarrassment and time of having to approach staff and ask for these products and will remove barriers for those with financial challenges.

If you agree that access to pad and tampon dispensers is important in our schools please sign below to let us know and to keep up to date with how you can help moving forward.



Will you sign?