Petition - Hold fossil fuel companies accountable

Fossil fuel companies continue to profit from their harmful products and practices while the costs are passed on to you.

Currently, the costs of repairing the damage caused by climate change and building the infrastructure needed to defend against it are paid mostly by local governments and ultimately by tax payers.

The Green Party of Vancouver believes that fossil fuel companies should be responsible for the costs of climate change caused by their actions.

We fully support the Climate Law in Our Hands Campaign which calls on cities to:

(1)    Send Climate Accountability Letters to the world’s 20 biggest fossil fuel producers, asking them to accept responsibility for their fair share of the costs of climate change.

(2)    Sign on to a letter to Premier Horgan asking the BC government to pass legislation to hold fossil fuel companies strictly liable for climate costs. 

Do you think fossil fuel companies should start paying their fair share?

Will you sign?