Petition - Ethical and humane pest control

Every year millions of animals suffer needlessly from inhumane pest control methods; sticky pads result in and slow and agonizing deaths and too often animals like hawks, dogs, cats, and owls suffer or die from consuming poisoned animals or the poison itself.

With your help we can change that; alternative humane methods are available.

The Green Party believes that all animals, whether they are the targets of pest control or not, should be spared unnecessary anguish if it can be avoided.

Green Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon is bringing a motion to the Park board asking staff to review its pest control management strategies and asking the board to incorporate the BC SPCA's AnimalKind standards into its pest control contracts.

"Wildlife and rodent management is a necessary role of the board but we can and should be leading by example when it comes to humane practices and protection of wildlife." - Stuart Mackinnon

Please sign if you agree that the Park Board should be using the most humane methods available.

Will you sign?