Define affordable housing relative to local incomes

Families are being pushed out of Vancouver, and many employers say they can’t keep their employees because of a lack of affordability in this city. "Affordable" is something we hear about all the time, but what does it really mean? The fact is it is within the city's power to define what affordable means in Vancouver. The city's current definition of affordable does not reflect the reality that Vancouver residents face.

Since 2014 the Vancouver Greens have been calling on the city to adopt the standard of 30% of a local area's median income as "affordable".

Today, the City of Vancouver will often approve larger buildings or waive developer costs if the project includes "affordable housing". But the city's definition of affordable (ie. $1385/studio*) is inconsistent with Vancouver's median income ($38,449/year**). Since 2014, Vancouver Greens have been calling on the city to define affordability based on the Canadian standard of 30% of local area median income. Will you support us?

*"for-profit affordable rental housing" studio appartment 855 Kindsway, Georgia Straight May 30, 2018
** StatsCanada: 2016 Vancouver Census

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