A brighter future for parks


Increased Biodiversity

Improved Accessibility and Community Partnerships

Healthy Recreation and Active Transportation



Greens feel it a deep privilege to live in such a beautiful and diverse place, and to call Vancouver our home. We also understand that with such privilege comes great responsibility. New pressures are acting on our parks and recreation system, and in ways we haven’t seen before. Our city is changing rapidly. Just as we must celebrate, enjoy, and honour what we have built over time, we must also work together to grow, evolve, and adapt to the unique challenges of our time.

Green Park Commissioners will continue to bring vitality and innovation to our parks and recreation system. We are committed to greater sustainability, equity, and innovation. We will work to ensure Vancouver remains a leader in personal, social, ecological, and economic health.


Your Greens will champion:


The Green Party will prioritize ecological, social, and economic sustainability for all projects initiated and undertaken by the park board. Green Party Commissioners will:

  • Actively integrate measures to ‘adapt to, mitigate and remediate’ climate change.

  • Revise the current “no net loss” policy to a “net positive” formula to expand green space.

  • Review and strengthen our horticultural and urban forestry standards.

  • Promote daylighting of streams and shoreline improvements within park development.

  • Develop a comprehensive program to sustainably manage dog waste.

  • Prioritize water conservation strategies within the parks system.

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Increased Biodiversity

Greens will honour Vancouver’s rich, natural beauty. We will take a proactive stance toward increasing biodiversity, protecting wildlife, and preserving habitat. We will:

  • Promote horticultural practices that maximize ecological benefits with a focus on enhanced habitat for pollinators, water management, and climate considerations.

  • Prioritize design for greater green space connectivity to better accommodate wildlife movement.

  • Safeguard our remaining native vegetation by managing invasive species.

  • Implement standards for salmon-safe streams.

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Improved Accessibility and Community Partnerships

Greens will work in close collaboration with our partners and staff to provide a welcoming and inclusive standard at every park board facility, for all ages, genders, abilities, and backgrounds. We will:

  • Fulfill the Board of Parks and Recreation’s commitment to undertake a colonial audit as part of prioritizing the reconciliation process with the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

  • Mandate that all new facilities be universally accessible and offer gender-neutral options, and that older facilities be gradually retrofitted as such.

  • Complete new Joint Operating Agreements with all park partners.

  • Strengthen our collaboration with the Vancouver School Board on shared facilities and practices.

  • Prioritize safety and cleanliness in all public spaces.

  • Encourage the development of versatile and affordable ‘pocket parks’ to better serve communities.

  • Collaborate with community centre partners to support an increase in affordable, accessible childcare spaces.

  • Facilitate arts programming through greater community engagement in park board facilities and grounds.

  • Initiate a pilot project to allow limited alcohol consumption at select beaches and parks.

  • Limit commercial interests on park board facilities and grounds.

  • Instigate a complete review of park board by-laws.

  •

Healthy Recreation and Active Transportation

Greens will use a holistic approach to health in growing our parks and recreation system. We will promote healthy people, families, communities, ecosystems, and physical environments. We will:

  • Honour our commitments to existing facilities and emphasize smart upkeep and timely upgrades to ensure lasting benefits.

  • Prioritize clean, well-functioning facilities and water fountains for all.

  • Working in close collaboration with municipal partners and staff advocate for a network of clean, accessible public washrooms.

  • Identify connections between the food system and our parks and recreation system and manage this relationship to promote sustainability.

  • Emphasize sports facilities and playgrounds as vital gathering places where community is built. Ensure infrastructure is safe, clean, and responsive to users.

  • Explore development of creative and diverse spaces for our parks network, including a design theme centred on “sound” in collaboration with community partners.

  • Encourage active transportation networks. Ensure infrastructure that prioritizes pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit users, including bike racks at parks facilities.

  • Work to expand bike sharing programs so that depots are close to community centres.

  • Upgrade bicycle routes for safety, efficiency and responsiveness to community needs.

  •