Enhancing Our Urban Ecosystems

A sustainable city is one that recognizes the importance of our local ecosystems. Healthy ecosystems mean healthy people - protecting and strengthening our local ecosystems will support the health and wellbeing of residents by creating more tree cover, providing more green space, and increasing opportunities for physical activity, social connection, and recreation. Vancouver Green Park Board Commissioners will:

  • Enhance tree canopy from 23% to 30% by 2030, to make Vancouver greener and to increase shade during hot summer months.

  • Strategically design parks for greater green space connectivity, to support an increase in biodiversity and create a connected network for everyday users.

  • Promote native shoreline improvements to enhance Vancouver’s natural beauty while providing quality accessible waterfront recreation areas.

  • Reintroduce natural, circulating water sources as the solution to restoring water access to our currently closed non-circulating water features.