Building Modern And Climate-Resilient Facilities

A strong city is one that incorporates climate resiliency into all its planning. While we do our part to reduce emissions and prevent more climate change from taking hold, we must ensure our city infrastructure is resilient to the increases in extreme weather that we are already seeing. Vancouver Green Park Board Commissioners will:

  • Prioritize community centre upgrades and renewals and advocate to the Provincial Government, Metro Vancouver, City Council, and the City Manager for funding in the next Capital Plan.

  • Invest in climate resilient infrastructure designed to mitigate potential damage from extreme weather events and allow our facilities to stay open.

  • Understand the carbon footprint of all current parks and facilities with the aim of demonstrating meaningful and pragmatic action to mitigate our carbon emissions wherever possible.

  • Ensure future park and facility designs prioritize the minimization of environmental and carbon impacts, so we can be leaders in sustainable, modern, and innovative infrastructure.