On April 2nd, 2022, our membership nominated five incredible candidates to run for Vancouver City Council in the upcoming October 15 election.

On May 28, 2022, our membership will nominate candidates to run for the Vancouver School Board and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.

Members in good standing as of May 13, 2022 will be able to vote for our nominees. Members will be asked to rank their choices on a randomized ballot. You can read more about voting with a single transferable vote (STV) here.



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Your Contestants for Park Board

Tom Digby Zahra Esmail Rick Hurlbut Liam Menard
Nick Poppell Kevin Reynolds Patricia Riley




Tom Digby 

Tom Digby 狄弼 (he/his).  Dad and a husband.  Intellectual property lawyer and scientist (M.Sc. Biochemistry).  

Tom is a relentless climate optimist who believes the city can take bold action to address the climate emergency by reducing our carbon footprint, enhancing urban tree and wildlife systems, reducing waste, implementing a circular economy, and adapting facilities and services for climate resilience.

He takes a triple bottom line view (financial, social and environmental) of the $143 million operating budget, $87 million capital budget and 1100 valued employees. He is ready to engage the major Park Board policies and infrastructure challenges of our 240 parks, 24 community centres (many in need of renovation), marinas, skating rinks and swimming pools.  Our three championship golf courses.  The unique and iconic Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, VanDusen Gardens and Bloedel Conservatory.

Members know that the Vancouver park system has been a trusted friend through these pandemic years. Tom seeks to continue the outstanding leadership of the current Vancouver Greens at Park Board with a friendly and informative manner.

Tom brings experience as a past member of many volunteer committees (schools, professional and arts).  He was chair of the Vancouver Greens in 2002 when we elected our first candidate to a city position. He served two terms on the Vancouver City Planning Commission from 2001 to 2004. As a lawyer, Tom can help lead and resolve ongoing concerns about tent encampments in parks. 

He is deeply aware that many residents have concerns and complaints about our parks.  As a Commissioner, Tom is prepared to engage all residents with a view to social equity and livability.   

Now is the time for reconciliation. At the historical source of our Vancouver parks lies a fundamental crime:  Our predecessors broke our own laws to seize the land without proper treaty negotiation. Now is the time to put our parks on proper footing and clear a path for the next generations to thrive. 

Former tree-planter. Spanish speaker. Tom wants to enable festivals and community events whenever feasible in Vancouver. We can make Vancouver weirder.  Tom is committed to bring the best of our Green values to our parks and city.

Change is coming. We can make it Green change.

  [email protected]

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Zahra Esmail

Zahra is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Vantage Point, a not-for-profit organization that provides training, consulting, and convening opportunities to other not-for-profit organizations across British Columbia. She has worked in the not-for-profit sector for over 15 years with experience in international development, housing and homelessness, youth entrepreneurship, neighbourhood-building, fundraising, and microfinance. Zahra was the first Executive Director of the Marpole Neighbourhood House, which opened under her leadership in 2019. With a deep commitment to equity and community development, Zahra feels that representation for all neighbourhoods across Vancouver is essential at all municipal tables, including Parks Board. She hopes to bring perspectives from Killarney, Victoria-Fraserview, Sunset, and Marpole - where she has extensively worked - and Mount Pleasant where she lives.  

Zahra has a Masters in Globalization and International Development from the University of Ottawa, a Bachelors in History from UBC, and an Associate Certificate in Fundraising Management from BCIT. She is Chair of the BC Poverty Reduction Advisory Committee, an independent committee that advises government on policy developments related to poverty reduction and prevention. Zahra is on the board of Lookout Foundation and is a mentor with Dress for Success’s Professional Women’s Group. She recently joined Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society as a board member. She also sits on a number of City of Vancouver advisory panels and working groups. Zahra was recognized as one of Business in Vancouver’s Forty Under 40 in 2019 and is one of the 2022 Nominees for a Women of Distinction Award in the Non-Profit category.

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 Zahra Esmail


Rick Hurlbut

Rick has been actively engaged in the Vancouver Park Board for six years, attending nearly every meeting, in personal or virtually. This includes occasionally speaking to agenda items, and participating in community engagement and outreach programs. During the Strathcona homeless encampment, he successfully lobbied Park Board to amend a motion to ensure that any relocations were voluntary and not by force. He’s gotten to know two administrations of Park Board leadership, and now knows many of the senior staff. 

Rick currently participates in three civic bodies: Vancouver City Council 2SLGBTQ2+ Advisory Committee; West End Waterfront Advisory Group, which is reimagining the English Bay parks; and West End Community Hub Advisory Group, whose mandate includes revitalization of the West End Community Centre. He has also been instrumental in bringing a Pride game to the Vancouver Canadians baseball schedule. 

Rick graduated the University of Alberta in 1986 with a degree in Recreation Administration. The Alberta recession of the 1980s meant that there were no entry level positions available. He returned to school, got a college diploma in Travel Consulting, and for the next thirty years had a successful career in the travel industry, including his own travel agency. Combined, this brings an understanding of how the delivery of recreation services works, and the central role parks play in Vancouver’s tourism industry.

Rick seeks to ensure that recently implemented Green policies at Park Board are preserved and expanded. This means reaching targets of equitable green space throughout the city; the elimination of environmentally harmful practices; expanding the tree canopy in the face of densification; co-locating energy-intensive facilities, primarily ice rinks and swimming pools, to reduce their carbon footprint; ensuring that existing green spaces are being used to their best potential; and continuing decolonizing efforts and First Nations recognition. 

Rick is looking forward to bringing fresh ideas to Park Board, including: new funding models which lessen City Council’s control over spending; pocket parks in underserved neighbourhoods; working with Community Centre Associations to ensure equitable programming serving marginalized communities; putting as much emphasis on arts and culture as on sport and athletics; and finding creative ways to develop non-traditional public spaces. 

While Rick has been a leader in the 2SLGBTQ+ community for decades, it’s not his only focus. The high cost of living requires the park system to provide affordable recreation for everyone. An aging population necessitates facilities and programming that meet the needs of seniors. And a diverse population demands spaces and activities that meet a wide variety of social and cultural needs. 

If Park Board Commissioner were a hired position rather than elected, you would be looking for a candidate with just this experience, knowledge and track record. 

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Rick Hurlbut


Liam Menard

Born and raised in Vancouver, Liam Murphy Menard is the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the False Creek Community Association. The youngest community association President in the history of the city, Liam brings a unique and highly desirable homegrown voice to city boardrooms – serving both as a representative of his generation and as a spokesperson for residents of the False Creek community. Liam earned his B.A. in Sociology from the University of British Columbia after previous studies at Langara College, Kitsilano Secondary School, King George Secondary School, and False Creek Elementary School. 

A former Director of the Surfrider Foundation, Liam understands the importance of our natural spaces and has a proven track record of working to protect and conserve their natural beauty. He has served as a host and organizer for beach and park cleanups across the city and will continue to expand those efforts as Park Board Commissioner. As an environmental advocate, he has provided organizational leadership in Surfrider’s national campaign to eliminate microplastics from our oceans – pushing for stricter legislation on the use of plastics and educating youth on the impact of microplastics in our food chain. 

The Former Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for Connective Support Society, Liam serves as an appointed member of the city’s Renter’s Advisory Committee. In this role, he advocates to city council for further supports and protections for the city’s renters while speaking on the growing need for diverse housing options as the city continues to grow. Liam has served over 10 years as a manager, waiter, and bartender for some of Vancouver’s most historic and notable hospitality groups, including The Sequoia Company of Restaurants, The Flying Pig Group of Restaurants, and Joseph Richard Group. This experience allows him to provide valuable insight on how to finetune the quality of service provided to achieve excellence in the operations of public service facilities.

Liam’s time serving as President of the False Creek Community Association gives him a comprehensive understanding of the recreation side of the Vancouver Park Board. If elected as a candidate, Liam will serve as a resource for the Green Party caucus – providing valuable insight into the administration, operations, policies, and by-laws of the city’s varied community associations. As Park Board Commissioner, he will collaborate with his former colleagues at the community center associations to support an increase in affordable and accessible childcare spaces across the city. In addition, his lived experiences across a variety of different industries will inform him as he listens to the concerns of residents and speaks on issues present in some of Vancouver’s most important sectors – including social services, childcare, housing, not-for-profit, hospitality, tourism, and customer service.

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Nick Poppell

Residing on the unceded traditional lands of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh people in Vancouver, Nick (he/him) was born and raised in the Lower Mainland and is currently a renter in the West End. His green roots run deep, beginning in elementary school where he was the President of the Environment Club. He studied at both the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria (BFA Theatre). 

His career has spanned both the entertainment industry, as well as educational institutions. His work in theatre, live events, TV and film have taken him from Haida Gwaii to Nova Scotia, and helped fine tune his technical skills and event management. His experience in educational institutions have led to a well rounded understanding of facility management. 

Nick started volunteering with the Green Party of Vancouver five years ago, serving as both Vice-chair and Chairperson for the party. He brought his skillset to the 2018 municipal campaign, helping coordinate the build out of the campaign office and filming of approximately 60 campaign videos. Over his term on the Board, he helped the party pivot to a hybrid model, incorporating virtual elements into our meetings, AGMs, and galas. His work with, and support of the Green Party of Vancouver elected caucus has been a rewarding experience, and he is ready to take the next step to the Park Board. 

Nick is deeply passionate about our parks, and believes it is imperative that the incredible work of all the Green commissioners who’ve come before be carried on. If elected, Nick will be a champion for the use of  science and data to combat climate change, and improvement of accessibility for all. He will encourage the expansion of community gardens and educational opportunities for park users. Nick will bring his decades of event experience to ensure we bring fun back to our parks, and help the arts community who have been severely impacted by the pandemic. He firmly believes that this work must be done on a foundation of equitable inclusion, and continue to walk the path of reconciliation with the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh nations as we take the crucial steps forward on co-management of all parks in Vancouver.

 [email protected]



Kevin Reynolds

Kevin Reynolds is an Olympic medallist in skating and represented Canada on the world stage for more than a decade. Born in North Vancouver and a resident of Vancouver, he earned his B.A. in International Relations from the University of British Columbia and is currently pursuing graduate level studies in Public Administration with a focus on local governance. In addition to his capacity as a volunteer official for Skate Canada and role as a broadcast commentator, Kevin was elected to the Board of Directors of the Green Party of Vancouver in 2020 as a Director at Large, where he was engaged in by-law reviews, strategic planning and communications committees. 

Drawing upon his unique experience as an Olympic athlete and educational background in politics and governance, Kevin understands the vital importance of community centres and sports accessibility to community well-being. This perspective is particularly relevant with several world-level sporting events set to be considered by the City of Vancouver in the near future, including FIFA, the Invictus Games, and Olympic Winter Games.

We need urgently to address the deficiencies in community centre infrastructure and revitalize these areas in collaboration with community voices. We must also maintain and build upon the excellent work of our previous Park Commissioners. With a keen interest in sustainability initiatives and possessing a Professional Certificate in Clean Power from Imperial College London, Kevin will focus on continuing the transition of all Park Board operations away from fossil fuel power generation, expanding cycling and pedestrian accessibility, and strengthening climate resiliency. Kevin can often be seen walking along the Arbutus Greenway, enjoying beautiful Hadden and Vanier Park, and frequenting the many coffee shops in Kitsilano-Fairview.

 [email protected]




Patricia Riley

Patricia Riley is a park-user, rowing coach, and trained lawyer working in the renewable energy sector in Indigenous relations.

Driven by her dedication to advance environmental justice and reconciliation, Patricia has had the privilege to work with Indigenous communities across BC and Yukon and environmental non-governmental organizations. Working in this sector has taught Patricia the value of consensus-building, and that bringing everyone together at one table is the best way to navigate complex problems.

Born in the Paris of the Prairies (a.k.a. Winnipeg), Patricia chose Vancouver as her home in 2011. Fueled by her passion for community-building and accessible athletic recreation, Patricia devotes her time outside of work to coaching beginner rowers at the historic Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park, where she sat on the Club’s Board of Directors. As a coach, Patricia focuses on creating an inclusive space for people from all walks of life embarking on a new and challenging endeavour, and as part of the Club’s leadership team she has worked to build a stronger and more equitable community.

Patricia is dedicated to supporting accessible community recreation and green spaces for all Vancouverites. She believes the last two years have clearly demonstrated the invaluable benefit public outdoor spaces and services contribute to both individual and community wellbeing. If selected to represent the Greens as a candidate for Parks Board, Patricia will bring her boundless positive energy, enthusiasm and integrity to the table in seeking to engage a broad base of support in the next municipal election.

patricia.[email protected]


Your Contestants for School Board


Lois Chan-Pedley

Lois Chan-Pedley (陳尚文) was first elected in 2018, with a mission to improve music, arts, food security, outdoor education and a commitment to reconciliation. Her proudest moments in her first term have been to indefinitely suspend the SLO program through her work on the SLO Engagement Ad Hoc Committee; create the new Education/Strategic Plan 2022 as a member of the Ed Plan working group; study student assessment in the FSA Working Group; as well as continue to build and strengthen the VSB's relationships with the local First Nations through a call for a colonial audit.

When she’s not busy raising her kiddos, aged 8 and 10, she runs a web agency and works with many nonprofits and social enterprises in the city.

Her family immigrated from Hong Kong when she was 10. She’s lived in many different neighbours in Vancouver and now lives in Little Mountain Cohousing with her husband, two kids, and a dog.

 [email protected]

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Janet Fraser

Janet Fraser was first elected in 2014 and served Vancouver’s students with commitment and integrity. Janet was re-elected in 2017 and 2018, topping the polls both times, and is the currently Chair of the Vancouver School Board.

As a trustee and the Chair, Janet works hard to establish good relationships with VSB stakeholders, including students, parents and staff, as well as community partners and other levels of government. Janet always makes her decisions based on the best interests of students.

Born and educated in the UK, Janet has BSc and PhD degrees in chemistry from the University of Bristol. Since moving to Vancouver, she has worked as a scientist, project manager, at-home parent, program administrator, and school trustee.

Janet lives in and loves Marpole, serving on school PAC executives for 10 years and being active in the community. She has three teenage children, two in Vancouver’s public schools and one attending UNBC.

[email protected]

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Your Candidates for City Council


Adriane Carr

Born in Vancouver to immigrant parents, Adriane Carr earned her M.A. in Urban Geography from UBC, and an ARCT degree in teaching piano. She taught Geography for 12 years at Langara College where, elected to the faculty union, she helped save all jobs during a time of severe government cuts. She left teaching to join the Wilderness Committee’s executive team in 1989. From 1993 to 2000 Carr served at the request of the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council Central Region Chiefs, as liaison between them and environment groups to help lead efforts to resolve the conflict over old-growth logging in Clayoquot Sound.

In 1983, Carr co-founded the Green Party of British Columbia, North America’s first Green Party, serving as its first spokesperson and then as elected Leader from 2000 until 2006 when Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, appointed her as her Deputy Leader and co-chair of Shadow Cabinet. She was elected as Vancouver’s first Green Party City Councillor in 2011, and re-elected in 2014 and 2018 with more votes than any Vancouver City Councillor in history. She currently chairs Council’s Policy and Strategic Priorities Committee, and represents Council on 3 advisory committees, Vancouver’s UNDRIP Task Force, and Metro Vancouver’s Zero Emissions Innovation Centre. She also represents Vancouver on Metro Vancouver’s Board of Directors and Finance Committee, and Chairs Metro’s Climate Action Committee.

Carr will continue leading work she’s initiated to improve housing affordability, reduce our city’s GHGs to achieve what scientists say is needed to avoid climate catastrophe, ensure Vancouver’s COVID recovery is both just and green, and genuinely engage the people of Vancouver in creating a vibrant, resilient and livable city. She has two children, two young grandchildren, and lives in the West End with her husband, Paul George.

 [email protected]

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Pete Fry

A first term City Councillor, Pete ran with the Greens twice in local elections and once in a provincial by-election before getting elected in 2018 with the second highest vote count. Since then, Pete has been busy as a councillor working on constituent support, land use, renter protection and affordable housing, transparency and good governance, making our city more resilient to the climate change, protecting our natural habitats, and supporting our vibrant arts, culture and small business communities. Pete also serves on a number of boards including as Vancouver’s representative to the Union of BC Municipalities and the National Zero Waste Council, as Chair of the Auditor General Committee and as liaison to the Library Board, Vancouver City Planning Commission, Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee, and Renters and Transportation Advisory Committees.

Prior to serving on council Pete had been self employed as a graphic designer and communications consultant and spent years as a community advocate in his Strathcona neighbourhood and for non-profit and community groups throughout Vancouver. Pete has lived in Vancouver since immigrating from Ireland to Canada as a child, and today share his life with his wife of over twenty years, two cats, and a dog. If he had any spare time he would like to be illustrating comic books.

Fry is running for re-election to continue to serve our city by ensuring Vancouver is a great place to live, work, and play.

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Devyani Singh

Dr. Devyani Singh is a climate scientist and an economist with expertise in energy and climate policy, oil and gas emissions, energy transitions, natural climate solutions, environmental finance, and sustainable forestry. Working extensively across disciplines and stakeholders, she understands the importance of collaboration between industry, academia, government, Indigenous communities, and nonprofits to promote the inclusion of science, decolonization, and social justice in decision-making across all sectors of the government. The pandemic has exposed societal inequalities and its disproportionate impact on marginalized communities – BIPOC, LGBTQ2+, seniors, people living in poverty, and those with disabilities.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we need to ensure a stable economic future for Vancouver and for Canada, one that is Just and Green. We have the opportunity to be a global leader on environmental issues – for that we need to make tough decisions based on scientific evidence and put people before corporations or politics. As an immigrant, a woman of colour, and a renter, Devyani understands the struggles faced by many in Vancouver, and will work across party lines to solve the crises of housing and climate change in Metro Vancouver.

Dr. Singh is currently the Vancouver area representative on the BC Greens provincial council, and is the co-critic for environment, climate change and natural resources for the Green Party of Canada (GPC) Shadow Cabinet. Previously she represented the BC Greens in Vancouver Point Grey in the 2020 provincial elections attaining over 17% of the vote (highest of any green in the riding), and was the GPC candidate in Vancouver Quadra for the 2021 federal elections. On any given day, you may see her running through beautiful Pacific Spirit Regional Park or along the Kitsilano-Spanish Banks seawall in Vancouver.

 [email protected] 

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 Devyani Singh

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Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith is a labour and social justice activist living in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. She has worked in community service since the 1990s, as a legal advocate and union activist.

Stephanie was born in St. Paul's Hospital, attended high school in East Vancouver, and grew up around a small family business downtown. Her work with housing and economic justice issues has involved housing co-operatives, grassroots community groups, legal and government working groups, her unions, and the Vancouver and District Labour Council. She is a proud member of UFCW 1518 and USW 2009.

Stephanie wants to protect and build truly affordable housing so that people can stay and enrich the city they love, no matter what their income. She believes that public land should be used for public good and not for private gain. She has supported and worked with the independent music community since the 1980s and wants venues and art spaces, and the artists who work in them, to thrive.

She believes that a strong and diverse Green caucus can make Vancouver a city that is affordable for all: a city that leads on our environmental challenges, on housing, on health, and on our parks and green spaces.

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Michael Wiebe

Michael has been elected since 2014 with the goal to make Vancouver healthy, affordable, inclusive and resilient. He’s a community champion who uses evidence-based strategies and enjoys working with the community to challenge the status quo. Michael is a strong supporter of rich cultural spaces, accessible inclusion, actions of reconciliation, multimodal transportation, climate mitigation, transparent and efficient local government. He has led initiatives that will make Vancouver more restorative, healthy, circular, decolonized, wild and connected.

This has been a hard couple of years and Michael looks forward to working hard to continue to improve green infrastructure, rewild Vancouver, decolonize our city, move towards a circular economy, and build complete, sustainable communities.

Over the last 20 years, Michael has gained extensive leadership experience as a public servant and business entrepreneur through involvement with the Vancouver Park Board, Art House Society, eight ½ restaurant lounge, Mount Pleasant, BIA, Office of the Premier, Persons with Disabilities Advisory Group, Indigenous Peoples Advisory Group, LGBTQ2+/TGV2S, and numerous other community boards. Michael loves Vancouver and wants to make it better – more healthy, affordable, inclusive and resilient.

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