Michael Wiebe - Candidate for City Council

Michael has been elected since 2014 with the goal to make Vancouver healthy, affordable, inclusive and resilient. He’s a community champion who uses evidence-based strategies and enjoys working with the community to challenge the status quo. Michael is a strong supporter of rich cultural spaces, accessible inclusion, actions of reconciliation, multimodal transportation, climate mitigation, transparent and efficient local government. He has led initiatives that will make Vancouver more restorative, healthy, circular, decolonized, wild and connected.

This has been a hard couple of years and Michael looks forward to working hard to continue to improve green infrastructure, rewild Vancouver, decolonize our city, move towards a circular economy, and build complete, sustainable communities.

Over the last 20 years, Michael has gained extensive leadership experience as a public servant and business entrepreneur through involvement with the Vancouver Park Board, Art House Society, eight ½ restaurant lounge, Mount Pleasant, BIA, Office of the Premier, Persons with Disabilities Advisory Group, Indigenous Peoples Advisory Group, LGBTQ2+/TGV2S, and numerous other community boards. Michael loves Vancouver and wants to make it better – more healthy, affordable, inclusive and resilient.

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