Liam Menard - Candidate for Park Board

Born and raised in Vancouver, Liam Murphy Menard is the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the False Creek Community Association. The youngest community association President in the history of the city, Liam brings a unique and highly desirable homegrown voice to city boardrooms – serving both as a representative of his generation and as a spokesperson for residents of the False Creek community. Liam earned his B.A. in Sociology from the University of British Columbia after previous studies at Langara College, Kitsilano Secondary School, King George Secondary School, and False Creek Elementary School. 

A former Director of the Surfrider Foundation, Liam understands the importance of our natural spaces and has a proven track record of working to protect and conserve their natural beauty. He has served as a host and organizer for beach and park cleanups across the city and will continue to expand those efforts as Park Board Commissioner. As an environmental advocate, he has provided organizational leadership in Surfrider’s national campaign to eliminate microplastics from our oceans – pushing for stricter legislation on the use of plastics and educating youth on the impact of microplastics in our food chain. 

The Former Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for Connective Support Society, Liam serves as an appointed member of the city’s Renter’s Advisory Committee. In this role, he advocates to city council for further supports and protections for the city’s renters while speaking on the growing need for diverse housing options as the city continues to grow. Liam has served over 10 years as a manager, waiter, and bartender for some of Vancouver’s most historic and notable hospitality groups, including The Sequoia Company of Restaurants, The Flying Pig Group of Restaurants, and Joseph Richard Group. This experience allows him to provide valuable insight on how to finetune the quality of service provided to achieve excellence in the operations of public service facilities.

Liam’s time serving as President of the False Creek Community Association gives him a comprehensive understanding of the recreation side of the Vancouver Park Board. If elected as a candidate, Liam will serve as a resource for the Green Party caucus – providing valuable insight into the administration, operations, policies, and by-laws of the city’s varied community associations. As Park Board Commissioner, he will collaborate with his former colleagues at the community center associations to support an increase in affordable and accessible childcare spaces across the city. In addition, his lived experiences across a variety of different industries will inform him as he listens to the concerns of residents and speaks on issues present in some of Vancouver’s most important sectors – including social services, childcare, housing, not-for-profit, hospitality, tourism, and customer service.

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