Three Years of Green Leadership

Three years ago we did something exceptional: we elected the largest Green Party caucus in Canadian history.

Thanks to supporters like you, our team of Greens have been working tirelessly to guide our city through these last three years. 

Sign here to thank our nine elected Greens for their work so far!

Your Green Caucus

Adriane Carr

Pete Fry

Michael Wiebe


Dave Demers


Camil Dumont

Janet Fraser

Estrellita Gonzalez

Lois Chan-Pedley

Some examples of our caucus' important work:

🌍 Working to keep the Climate Emergency Action Plan on track

🍂 Phasing out gas-powered, two-stroke landscaping equipment on all levels

🏭 Becoming the first city in the world to endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

Creating a plan for Vancouver to fully divest from fossil fuels

☀️ Planning for extreme heat and air quality mitigation

🚑 Advocating for distributed ambulance services to protect people in emergencies

💓 Supporting efforts to install 1,000 life-saving defibrillators in public spaces

🗳️ Passing important electoral and campaign finance reform

💰 Pushing to remove big money from local elections

🤝 Exploring co-management of Vancouver parklands with local Indigenous nations

🏘️ Fighting for housing that’s truly affordable for lower and middle income people

Seeking a multi-jurisdictional approach for safe accommodation for people living in parks

🥂 Initiating a pilot for outdoor alcohol consumption in select parks

🥗 Shifting 20% of the city's food purchases to plant-based products

🚶 Making Commercial Drive more pedestrian-friendly

🎒 Increasing capital project collaboration between Council and School Board 

🚴 Reducing traffic and increasing access to Stanley Park

🌊 Supporting blueway and water cleanup

🌲 Urgent relief for our urban forest from drought conditions

💧 Daylighting of local streams

🌱 Setting ambitious goals for planting tens of thousands of trees in city streets, parks, and other public spaces