Green Vancouver Park Board Commissioner Tom Digby Calls for Action to Protect Urban Canopy with "Vancouver, Let’s Talk Trees" Initiative

Vancouver, BC - Green Commissioner Tom Digby has taken the first step to address the pressing challenges facing the city's urban trees with his motion "Vancouver, Let’s Talk Trees" which passed at the Park Board meeting last night. The motion highlights the critical importance of urban trees in the face of unprecedented threats posed by climate change and urban development.

The motion acknowledges the urgent need to confront issues such as the looper moth infestation in Stanley Park and the adverse effects of record low snow and rainfall on Vancouver's tree canopy. It underscores the indispensable role that trees play in fostering community health and well-being, underscoring the imperative for renewed commitment to Vancouver's Urban Forest Strategy.

"In light of the significant challenges confronting our urban trees, it is imperative that we take proactive measures to safeguard and enhance our city's tree canopy," stated Commissioner Digby. "The 'Vancouver, Let’s Talk Trees' initiative seeks to ignite meaningful conversations within our community about the paramount importance of urban forestry and to explore innovative solutions to protect our green spaces."

The motion calls for collaborative action with other municipal bodies, including the Mayor, Vancouver City Council, and the Vancouver School Board, to update commitments to Vancouver's tree canopy and urban forest strategies by the end of 2025. It also underscores the importance of Commissioner Digby's public engagement process, inviting residents to join the conversation through the "Vancouver, Let’s Talk Trees!" Facebook group.

Additionally, the Board directs staff to explore options for reinstating historical urban forestry programs such as the $10 Spring Tree Sale and Tree Keepers. Moreover, efforts will be intensified to identify groups and individuals willing to contribute energy, time, and resources to support these initiatives.

"Urban canopy preservation is paramount to our city's environmental sustainability and resilience," added Commissioner Digby. "We call upon the Mayor, Vancouver City Council, and the Vancouver School Board to join us in this critical endeavor to protect and enhance our urban forest."

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