Green Party releases school board platform

Published Sep 21, 2022 9:17 AM

VANCOUVER, B.C. – The Green Party of Vancouver has released their school board platform, ‘Your Schools. Your Future’, for the 2022 municipal election.

Students are at the centre of public education and our schools are the hearts of our communities. Your Green Vancouver School Board Trustees will work hard to ensure that every child in our city has the tools and sense of identity they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world. 

Green Trustees will take a holistic and long-sighted view for public education in Vancouver. We will support the district to nurture students’ physical and mental wellbeing, academic achievement, as well as their feeling of belonging to their communities. Imagine a school district where every child plants a tree that grows as they do, while also providing our city with more greenspace and shade to help adapt to climate change. Envision a city where students can access emerging forms of education like forest schools. Our kids deserve to graduate with purpose, dignity and a sense of excitement about their future. 

Green Trustees will seek out and listen to the voices of students, parents and guardians, teachers, support staff, administrators, local communities, including Indigenous communities, as we advocate for our students, support neighbourhoods, and ensure good stewardship of our school district.  We will work collaboratively with local First Nations, Metis and Inuit representative organizations, and all levels of government.

We will support kids and their families to navigate the social, environmental and development pressures that are a part of our everyday life as we learn from the past four years and adapt to a world with Covid. Greens are committed to keeping students at the heart of our work and decision making. 

Green Trustees’ top priorities include:

  • Exploring all possible means to increase school-age childcare spaces to meet the demand across our city.
  • Building on the successes of expanding outdoor classrooms during the pandemic and finding more ways to encourage students and teachers to get into nature.
  • Exploring creative ways to supplement educational funding and resources.
  • Continuing the work established in the Food Framework and exploring creative ways to maximize gardening/food cultivation for students on school grounds.
  • Ensuring the recently approved Equity statement is enacted across the district. 
  • Acting on Anti-racism and Non-discrimination strategic plan goals.  
  • Continuing the district’s Reconciliation journey. 
  • Advocating to City Council for increases to family-oriented housing density around schools that have more spaces for students


Lois Chan-Pedley, IT consultant, parent, and incumbent trustee, “I'm running again to ensure that kids have access to the resources they need to flourish. I believe that the toughest problems faced by younger generations need to be solved by people working together, with empathy and with kindness.

Janet Fraser, current School Board Chair and incumbent trustee, “I want to ensure that every one of the nearly 50,000 Vancouver School Board students graduates with dignity, with purpose and with options for the next step in their lives. I am running again to implement the new VSB Education Plan: to improve student achievement, physical & mental well-being and sense of belonging, increase equity, and continue the district's Reconciliation journey.”

Nick Poppell, Arts & Facilities Manager and candidate for school board, “I believe every child should have an inclusive and supportive environment to grow and learn in. I’m running so that younger generations can be excited about their futures, not fighting for them. I am dedicated to continuing the work started by previous Green Trustees to build housing for vulnerable youth on VSB land and I’m committed to developing sustainable food programs and empowering students to make the healthiest life choices.


More information:

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