Green Party of Vancouver to make membership free for anyone aged 16 to 25

Published Sep 20, 2019 9:08 AM

VANCOUVER, B.C. – The Green Party of Vancouver has updated its membership policy to provide free membership for anyone aged 16 to 25. This shift in policy recognizes that young people in Vancouver are helping to lead the way in demanding action on the global climate emergency and signals the Vancouver Greens’ commitment to incorporating and learning from youth voices and perspectives.

Coming off the successful motion, City Support for the September 2019 Global General Strike for Climate co-sponsored by Green Councilors Adriane Carr and Michael Wiebe, Wiebe stated: "What we need is a paradigm shift when it comes to the environment, resources, and water management. The younger generation gets that and we need to have their voice at the table."

By making membership more accessible, the Green Party of Vancouver will provide a platform for youth to get directly involved in municipal decision-making that will impact their future, including issues around housing affordability, community safety and inclusivity, economic development and sustainability in the city.   

"It is our youth who will have to live with the decisions politicians are making today, so it's a great policy change to bring more youth voices to the fore,” said Dr. Janet Fraser, Chair of the Vancouver School Board.

Park Board Commissioner Camil Dumont agrees. His motion, Park Board Support for the September 2019 Global Climate Strike, passed earlier this week.

“Across the globe youth have stepped into a leadership role in the movement for climate justice,” said Dumont. “They are fighting with everything they've got for a chance at a safe future. We all need to embrace and support their energy, their vision, their passion and their cause. We must eliminate the barriers that keep young voices from political debate. I am very happy that the Vancouver Greens are offering free membership for youth aged 16-25. We need them and we want them in the discussion. I hope this move enables a greater a platform for the young people in our community. We will all be better for it."

The Green Party of Vancouver stands in solidarity with the BC Teachers Federation in their support of the School Strike for Climate movement, as well as all students taking part in climate strikes worldwide from September 20 to 27. This movement is just the latest example that proves young people can be true leaders. The Green Party of Vancouver strongly believes that young voices can make a difference and deserve to be heard. Youth interested in signing up for a free membership to the Green Party of Vancouver may do so at

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