Green Party of Vancouver statement on Andrew Weaver stepping down as Leader of the BC Greens

VANCOUVER, B.C. – The Green Party of Vancouver extends it deepest gratitude for the years of service and dedication that Andrew Weaver, Leader of the BC Greens, has provided for the Green movement. No opposition leader in BC history has implemented more of their party's promises than Andrew Weaver. His exemplary work has made strides for greens everywhere and his collaborative, evidence-based, and steadfast work will serve as an example for all Greens for years to come.

“Andrew Weaver has always inspired me with his dedication to climate science and climate action,” said City Councillor Adriane Carr. 

“He inspired a record number of British Columbians to vote Green in the last B.C. election and elect the first Green Caucus to our provincial legislature. He’ll go down in history for the confidence and supply agreement his leadership enabled with the B.C. NDP. As a Green, I’m proud of that collaborative work across party lines, and also how Andrew has led his caucus to stand firm on climate emergency issues — like voting against the LNG mega project in northern B.C."

Weaver has served not only as leader of the BC Greens, but also as a mentor to Greens across our province.

"I’ve had the good fortune to work with Andrew as a BC Green candidate and an elected Green City Councillor here in Vancouver and we are incredibly grateful for his leadership and dedication,” said City Councillor Pete Fry.

“As a climate scientist, Andrew really helped push the urgency of action on climate change. As leader of the B.C. Greens, he doubled down and pushed the dialogue and NDP minority government to bolder action. He will continue to do an excellent job as MLA for Oak Bay-Gordon Head. Our party is strong and bigger than one person, and our next leader will have a fantastic infrastructure and team of capable candidates to work with.”

Our party is supportive of Weaver’s decision and see his change of position as an opportunity for renewal and development that will bring in new members and people interested in the future of the party.