Estrellita Gonzalez - School Board Trustee


Estrellita Gonzalez was first elected as a Trustee in the October 2017 by-election.

Estrellita is a small business owner, author and wellness educator. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration and 20 years of senior management and corporate experience. Today, she provides wellness, HR and Marketing consulting services and in 2012 launched Derma Bright Clinic, and later Holistica Wellness, a Vancouver-based wellness centre. She is also a parent to a grade ten student at Eric Hamber.

Estrellita has worked collaboratively with the Board and demonstrated her commitment to supporting the wellbeing of Vancouver students. She believes Trustees must work to ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential and are well-served by a district that meets their needs and creates bright futures – for students and our city.

Estrellita is excited to continue the rewarding work that began in 2017 and to work to make Vancouver the best school district in British Columbia.

Estrellita4Schools | @EstieMGonzalez | [email protected]