Devyani Singh - Candidate for City Council

Dr. Devyani Singh is a climate scientist and an economist with expertise in energy and climate policy, oil and gas emissions, energy transitions, natural climate solutions, environmental finance, and sustainable forestry. Working extensively across disciplines and stakeholders, she understands the importance of collaboration between industry, academia, government, Indigenous communities, and nonprofits to promote the inclusion of science, decolonization, and social justice in decision-making across all sectors of the government. 

We are in the middle of multiple crises - climate crises, a global pandemic (it’s not over yet!), housing and affordability, among others. Moreover, the past few years have shown us how societal inequalities have a disproportionate impact on marginalized communities – BIPOC, LGBTQ2+, seniors, people living in poverty, and those with disabilities. As a climate scientist, an immigrant, a woman of colour, and a renter in Vancouver – Devyani understands these struggles faced by us all and is dedicated to collaborating across parties to build a sustainable city which is affordable and livable for all.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we need to ensure a stable economic future for Vancouver and for Canada, one that is Just and Green. We have the opportunity to be a global leader on environmental issues – for that we need to make tough decisions based on scientific evidence and put people before corporations or politics. As your future City Councillor, Devyani will promote the inclusion of science, decolonization, and social justice in decision-making across all sectors of the government.

Devyani is also currently the Vancouver area representative on the BC Greens provincial council, and is the co-critic for environment, climate change and natural resources for the Green Party of Canada (GPC) Shadow Cabinet. Previously she represented the BC Greens in Vancouver Point Grey in the 2020 provincial elections attaining over 17% of the vote (highest of any green in the riding), and was the GPC candidate in Vancouver Quadra for the 2021 federal elections. On any given day, you may see her running through beautiful Pacific Spirit Regional Park or along the Kitsilano-Spanish Banks seawall in Vancouver with her loyal campaign companion - Zephyrus.

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 Devyani Singh

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