The Vancouver Greens believe our city can be a more affordable, greener, and healthier city for all. We know that people are best served when elected representatives work together to address the needs of all communities, and focus on the immediate and long term solutions to the multiple crises our city, economy, and planet are facing.

Vancouver is a fantastic city with so much potential, but we have a lot of challenges. Addressing them will take hard work, thoughtful governance, collaboration and creative ideas, all of which Greens will bring to the table. The Vancouver Greens want to help build a city of complete, connected communities. We will take action on climate change, improve cycling and safe streets, protect our local ecosystems, support small businesses, and gear our housing policies towards the needs of people who live and work in our city.

Greens are ready to serve residents with care, competence, and compassion, to ensure our City is a safe, sustainable place to live for generations to come.

2022 Green Platform: