Elect Pete Fry for Vancouver City Council


I’m running to be your City Councillor, because when I talk to Vancouverites, they tell me they want another Green Councillor who will hear them. They want someone who will protect our communities, our homes, and our jobs. Someone who will listen and put public interest first

When municipal politicians promise to solve homelessness or freeze rents but actually must rely on other levels of governments to effect those policies, they are making empty promises. When City policies that define affordable housing are disconnected from actual local incomes, those policies won’t address our housing crisis. When developers have financial influence over the very politicians we elect to make land use decisions, it raises public concern about whose interests are being served.

I’ve spent years advocating for the complex needs of diverse vulnerable communities in the East End. In particular, I’ve advocated for developing locally-based strategies for vulnerable families; employment opportunities and community economic development; and protecting heritage—not just old buildings but cultural heritage and communities. I’ve volunteered with residents across our city to help them navigate the city’s development and planning processes.

In 2014, I ran for City Council driven in part by my concerns over the removal of the Georgia-Dunsmuir Viaducts: in particular the lack of a transportation plan for the surrounding area; the impacts on low income housing and adjacent vulnerable neighbourhoods; unfulfilled commitments to deliver a park and other public benefits; and meaningful reconciliation and restoration for the forcibly-displaced black community at Hogan’s Alley.

Today, those issues remain unresolved and have grown even more pressing. In fact, so many of the issues I campaigned on in 2014, like housing, short-term rentals, developer influence at City Hall, and erosion of communities, are even worse now.

I have passion, commitment and ideas for our city and am ready to work hard to serve Vancouver residents.

-Pete Fry


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